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Virden Junior High School

Virden Junior High has a responsibility to provide quality education for all students, with an openness to change that enables us to respond thoughtfully to the demands of the future.

An appreciation of, and belief in the diversity, strength and commitment of our communities, provides us with an understanding of communities in their broadest sense; including staffs, parents, families, homes, businesses, cultures, as well as our students as partners in education.

We value the fostering of healthy self-esteem and high achievement in students so that they may become self-directed, responsible adults. A respect for all people and their ideas, which is demonstrated in all decisions, actions and communications. A desire for safe, caring environments that show an appreciation of the talents, strengths and needs of our communities, and a desire for responsible citizens committed to lifelong learning for everyone-students, staff, parents, and all community members.



Thank you very much for ordering your magazines through the Virden Junior High School.

Because of you, we are able to fund a number of areas in our school such as sponsoring a child, library equipment, smart board, physical education equipment, subsidize grade level trips, excellence/reward days, year end awards, science supplies, Artist in the school, Chevron rink and playground equipment.

Many of the magazines will be arriving over the next couple of months, but some subscriptions may take up to 16 weeks to start. If you have any questions, please contact QSP directly at 1-800-667-2536. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Now you can support our school all year long by ordering online! You can also support a specific student in their fundraising efforts through your online orders.

You may have ordered many subscriptions to support our campaign, but you might wish to renew other magazines, or order gift subscriptions later in the year. Now you can take advantage of QSP’s great prices all year long – with the profit being sent back to our school with each order.

Simply go to , click the link “Shop Now”, and enter our school Group #3705753 to ensure we receive the profits from your order. Remember that orders must be for Canadian addresses. If you have friends/relatives anywhere in Canada who enjoy reading they might like to support our school, please give them this information so they can order on-line as well.

Thank you to all families and friends for supporting our magazine campaign.


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      Thank you very much for ordering your magazines through the Virden Junior High School.