Coaching Staff For 2017-2018







Mr. B. Davies (7’s)
Mr. J. Routledge (8)


Mrs. McLeod (Gr. 7)
Mrs. Pitz (Gr. 8)


October 4, 17 and _____ (Divisionals)

Grade 5 & 6  Volleyball 

Mr. J. Peel

Basketball (Grade 7 & 8)

Mr. J. Routledge and Mr. J. Peel (Gr 8 Boys)

Mr. B. Davies and Miss C. Rogers (Gr 7 Boys)

Mrs. T. Pitz (Gr 8 Girls)

Ms. L. McPherson (Gr 7 Girls)

Basketball (Grade 5 & 6)

Badminton (Grade 7 & 8)






Legion Athletic Camp Sponsorship and/or other Athletic Camp Sponsorship

If your child is planning on attending a summer athletic camp, the Virden Junior High will have partial sponsorships available. These sponsorships are made possible by our local service clubs. In order to qualify for sponsorships, we must have a copy of your registration receipt. Please have your child drop off at the school office as soon as possible. The sponsorships will be reviewed and awarded at our annual awards day. If you have further questions, please contact 748-1932. Thank you.