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Virden Junior High Mission Statement

“VJH Rules”



RRespect Yourself, Others, and Property
UUse Your Time Wisely
LLearn All You Can Each Day
EExpress and Expand Who You Are
SStop and Think


2014-2015 Code of Conduct

2014-15 Student Handbook




Bring Your Own Device Pilot program @ Virden Junior High

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are students required to bring a device to school?

NO. VJH has iPads and Chromebooks that will be available for students to borrow for those times that a device will be needed for learning.  We do encourage students to bring their own device if they feel comfortable doing so.

2.  Who is responsible for tech support for students’ devices?

Parents and students will be solely responsible for any tech support necessary for their device. VJH will not be providing any official tech support and is not responsible for any damages that may incur when students bring their device to school.  We would like to remind you that BYOD is optional.  VJH has loaner devices available for students to use at the school if students or parents do not feel comfortable bringing the device to school.

  1. Will ALL classrooms be using devices daily?

No. This initiative will look different in every classroom. We have some classrooms where these devices may be used daily. Other classrooms may have infrequent use and the devices provided by VJH would be sufficient for these times. If you would like to know if your child could be using a device in the classroom daily you can contact your child’s homeroom teacher.


  1. What kind of security will be available?

We will provide a locking cabinet for students to keep their devices in during Phys Ed (gym) class.  Students should keep their devices in a safe place (in their pocket) or on their person during the day.