What do you mean by “behavior”?
Leslie E. Packer, PhD
Is it a symptom or a “behavior,” and how does what we call it affect how we respond to it or approach it.

Hone your Skills
Leslie E. Packer, PhD
Some practical tips to improve your effective use of praise and reprimands

Does it Pass the “Acid Test”?( PDF File )
Leslie E. Packer, PhD
Before jumping to behavior modification, see if you should be even thinking about behavior modification.

Pitfalls in School-based Behaviour Modification Plans ( PDF File )
Leslie E. Packer, PhD
Discussion of common errors that are made in the implementation of behavior modification plans

Analyzing Behaviour: The ABC’s
Leslie E. Packer, PhD
Doing it well isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Relaxation Technique
Leslie E. Packer, PhD
A simple breathing-based technique that you can use for yourself or teach to your students.

Seven Successful Strategies for Preventing Challenging Behaviour in Young Children ( PDF File )
Carta, 2004
From OSEP, Ideas That Work