J. Yochim



Welcome to the 2014/2015 school year!

I have put all of the band concert dates below.  Please add them to your calendar for the year:


Date                                        Activity/Place

November 10             Grade 8 Band Only: Monday – Remembrance Day Service at VJH gym – approx. 10:30 a.m.

November 11              V.C.I  Band Only:  Tuesday – Remembrance Day Service, Virden Aud Theatre 9:00a.m. move equipment etc. (plan to be there until 1:00)

January 15                  All Bands:  Winter concert at Aud. 7:00 p.m. (Thursday)

February 13/14         OPTIONAL – Westman Honour Band (for those who are interested, please see me)

February 24-27        V.C.I Band Only: Optimist Festival in Winnipeg (it will only be one day during the week. More information will be sent in December)

March 19                      All Bands:  Virden Festival more information will be given out closer to the dates

April 28                        V.J.H Bands Only:  Level One Festival in Brandon, MB.  More information will be given out closer to the dates.

May 31                           Final Concert in the park


Grade 5 music:  Have performed at the school Remembrance Day Service.  Are reading and performing rhythms using sticks and pucks.  Creating compositions using their recorders. 


Testing for Grade 7 and 8 bands must be done by December 12, 2014

Grade 6 Band:  Have performed 3 notes in class.  Create a short composition using the three notes.  Starting to play 3 note songs from memory.

Grade 7 Band:  Have learned:  Bb concert scale (memorized), Eb concert scale, F concert scale and the chromatic scale (going up).  We have been working on Zia, Expedition and African Marching Song.

Grade 8 Band:  Have learned:  Bb concert scale (memorized), Eb concert scale and chromatic scale (up and down).  We have been working on Train Headed West, Monster Under the Bed and Tu Ungane.



Grade 5 Music Policy Handbook:

2014_2015 policy Handbook

Grade 6 Band Policy Handbook:

1415 gr 6 policy Handbook

Grade 7 Band Policy Handbook:

2014 Gr 7 Policy book

Grade 8 Band Policy Handbook:

1415 Gr8 Policy book