Building Resilience – Wellness Afternoon Friday, May 17, 2019

In keeping with our focus on Mental Health in our school, plans are underway for this year’s Wellness Afternoon.  This year’s theme is about resilience – being aware of what it is and how we can take responsibility for developing and building our own resilience when facing difficulties in our lives.

“Resilience means doing well during or after an adverse event, or a period of adversity. It can change over time, and is influenced by factors within the child, and factors within the child’s environment. Resilience is something that every child can learn, and it’s important that every child is provided with opportunities to build resilience. Regardless of background, every child can benefit from learning skills and strategies to manage current and future adversity.”


Building Resilience in Children aged 0 – 12 (a Practice Guide)


Please contact Virden Junior High by email (preferably) or phone if you have questions or feedback regarding our Wellness afternoon, or about any other comments/questions/concerns that the VJH Wellness Committee could respond to.