B. Davies

Welcome to the 2014/15 school year. I hope you all had a great summer and you are ready to learn!

Quick facts about Mr. Davies

  • I was born and raised here in Virden MB
  • I spent the last year teaching at our MB school in Bangkok, Thailand
  • I love all sports and physical activities


Mr. Davies Teaches:                                                                   Room 109

8D Math:

We are just finishing up ratios, rates and proportions. The next couple of weeks will focus of square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem from chapter 3 of our Math Links text. Will will also continue on with Mad Minute mental math and Problems of the Week.


During the month of October 8D worked on our Cell City Analogy projects. With November approaching we will start the Legion poster and literary contest. We will also start a current events project and presentation.

8D Science:

We will be finishing chapter 2 (Cells) in our Science Power text by the end of October. As November approaches, many of us are aware that it is Prostate Cancer awareness month. In keeping with the current topic of cells and mitosis, students will start a cancer research project to be completed and presented over the next couple of weeks.

7D Social Studies:

Grade 7s have completed up to chapter 2 from their text. We have been focusing on the Lions and Legion posters for the last week. Once these are completed the grade 7s will begin their Create your Own Country project using the information and skills that they have learned over the past 2 months.